If you are a homeowner, pests are probably one of your biggest challenges. They seem to come from nowhere. When they enter your house, they can cause all kinds of problems. This includes chewing up furniture, contaminating food, spreading illnesses, and simply being a bother by their presence. However, if you understand the areas that are most vulnerable to pests then you can take action to keep your home protected:


Windows are one of the key areas you need to keep an eye on. It isn’t just when your windows are open that pests can fly or crawl into your home. In addition, they can get through many of traditional screens.

To prevent this, consider screens with smaller openings to prevent flies from getting in. Also, treat the outside of the window with special chemicals depending on the risks you have. If you have wood windows, then termite spray is a top priority. Otherwise, certain ant and wasp blockers are still necessary.


While your doors can achieve a tight seal when closed, they are opened so much more than any other part of your home. This means you need to go the extra mile to prevent insects and mice from getting in.

Install small traps around the outside of your doors to keep rodents at bay. Also, take strips and surround the interior of the door with them that have repelling chemicals on them. That way, when bugs try to crawl in, they’ll want to avoid crossing that barrier anytime soon.

Wood Siding

One of the joys of being a homeowner is designing your home to your liking. However, many times this means having wood siding. While this can be beautiful, it is very vulnerable to all kinds of pests that need to be controlled.

The first and most obvious is termites. The second is rodents; they like to chew on the siding or try to hide their food between the layers of wood. Make sure to apply a coating that deters them right from the start. While it comes with a cost, it is much less expensive than repairing your replacing your siding sooner than necessary.


The foundation is the most important part of the structure of your home. However, if it has cracks (which tends to happen over time), it can lead to all kinds of problems. You might not notice it at first, but the pests will continue to infiltrate.

If you notice signs of piles of dead bugs or droppings in your basement, you know you have an issue with the foundation. Get a professional involved quickly to assess the extent of the damage. Then, take steps to clear the area and either bomb or spray it accordingly.


One of the key areas that is vulnerable to pests is your roof. There are multiple ways that pests can make your life difficult. First, small insects like termites can invade your roof under your shingles. This is especially true if leaves are trapped up there, as it makes a great breeding ground.

Another way it is vulnerable is through your attic vent. A roofing ridge vent can keep pests such as large bugs and small rodents, from entering the home. That way you can keep your items in your attic storage dry and safe from critters. Make sure that you have your roof inspected and repaired quickly if pests are infiltrating your roof.

The roof to your home is the protective shield that keeps you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe today. Quality Discount Roofing approaches residential roofing with shingle roof solutions, providing low-maintenance, affordable building solutions that adhere to your budget. No matter what the problem is, we can handle it.

When it comes to taking care of your home, it might seem overwhelming to keep the pests out. However, if you understand how they get in and what areas need the most attention, you can achieve peace of mind without nasty pests in your home bothering you and your family. Review the areas above and make sure you implement solutions to keep pests at bay.


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