Adding value to your home involves more than just updating the drapes. Some upgrades completely transform the property, while others amount to a hole into which you throw your money, never to see it again. So despite what your house-hungry spouse insists, not every home improvement project is a wise financial decision. You must get to know the community, what comparable homes are selling for, and what’s a good investment in your market. Overdoing it can cause you to lose money, but these five home improvements almost always add value to your home.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

High-end countertops always add value to a home. Granite, quartz, and marble are the most popular, and they’re going to add value to any kitchen. Buyers love the kitchen, and they want a high-end room that’s going to make them feel at home.


Roof Repair

Your home’s roof needs to be repaired every several years, and replaced every 20 years or so. Nothing takes the value out of a property quicker than a leaky or damaged roof. Contact a roof repair professional today and get your roof inspected for any necessary repairs.


Open Floor Plans Sell

According to Hilary Farr’s Rules of Renovation, most buyers are interested in an open floor plan when they choose a home. It’s common to find that buyers want their kitchen open to their living area so they can see their kids playing and spend time with their families even when they are in the kitchen working. If you can knock down a few walls to open up your floor plan, it’s a good value.


Update Old Items

Replace an old roof, update your old HVAC and water heater, and replace the plumbing that’s been through it all. Buyers love the idea of not spending money on items such as new roofing themselves, so they’re willing to pay more for a home with newer items than one with older items in need of repair in the next few years. These are investments that always pay off, and they are upgrades you’re making for yourself as well.


Paint Your Home

It might not seem like an upgrade, but it is. Paint can change the face of your home inside and out. Choose a neutral color that’s also light and bright. Buyers want homes that look lovely in any light, and it’s important you don’t choose a color that’s too dark and dimming. Darker rooms seem smaller and less welcoming, which is why you want to go with a neutral color that works in any situation. A greige is a good color to start with. It’s gray and beige, so it goes with anything. It’s light, bright, and neutral all the way.


Your home is likely the most expensive thing you’ll ever own, which means it must be something you love. However, it must also be a home you can afford to live in, to sell, and to profit off of. If you can’t see someone spending money on it, don’t include it in your upgrades. It’s better to spend money on what you know buyers in your market want.

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