Beware of These 3 Hidden Roof Hazards

Most homeowners understand the significant damage that can happen to a roof in the wake of an extreme weather event or other natural phenomena. But your roof can also suffer damage from risk factors you either fail to notice or neglect to address. The following are three issues that pose a serious risk of danger to your roof.


Moss may accumulate on a roof that is shielded from the sun for a significant amount of time. Homes that are located under tree cover may have to deal with the growth of moss more than once or twice over the years. If you live in an area of the country with frequent rain and damp conditions, you are also likely to deal with moss on your roof more than individuals living in other parts of the country.

Once the moss is present on your roof it becomes a sponge that will soak up rainwater. This situation, if left unattended, can lead to a water buildup that can threaten the structural integrity of the roof.

If a small amount of moss is present on your roof, you can attempt a do-it-yourself removal. However, a roof that is completely covered with moss, or one that has had moss present for an extended amount of time, should be seen by a professional.

Diseased Trees

A second area of concern for your roof is a tree in your yard that has contracted a disease. Diseased trees are falling hazards that pose a risk to both people and property, including your roof.

Wounds to a tree that results from pruning, injury from a lawn mower, or wind damage can provide an opening for fungus to enter the tree. The fungus then decays the tree to provide itself with nutrients. The fungus reproduces itself by forming spores on limbs, trunks, or roots. Large limbs are then at risk for falling and trees with rotted roots may fall over completely in heavy winds.

A tree in advanced stages of fungus infestation is a serious risk and likely cannot be saved. You are better advised to seek tree removal in these cases. At the very least, you should seek the opinion of a professional.


Mold can develop and spread quickly across your roof when conditions are wet. Once the mold is present it can cause serious damage to the shingles on your roof. Mold that attaches itself to support beams can also weaken the structure of the roof.

If mold is detected early enough, it is not difficult to clean this nuisance from the surface of your roof. However, if fast action is not taken, the mold from your roof can become an issue throughout your home.

There are a number of factors that affect the appearance and health of your roof. It is important to inspect your roof on a daily basis to provide yourself with early detection of potential roof hazards. The above-mentioned hazards are something with which all homeowners should become familiar.

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3 Key Characteristics of Quality Construction Equipment

Having the best equipment for your construction site is crucial for your building projects. They can literally make or break your operation because old and outdated equipment can cause safety violations. Additionally, having quality equipment can help your construction workers complete the job quickly and effectively. Just ask any construction supervisor, and they will tell you that a job done under budget, on time, and without any safety violations is something they aim to accomplish with each and every construction project. There are three characteristics of quality construction equipment to consider.

Meets Safety Standards

Having construction equipment that meets safety standards is definitely a tremendous asset to your construction project. One of the ways that you determine whether a piece of equipment is meeting the standard would be to ensure that all of them are in good working order. 3 Benefits Of says that this essentially means that the construction equipment and all its parts are in good condition and fully ready to go.

It is also important to note that the required safety standards have evolved over time. It used to be that the biggest safety standard construction professionals were looking to meet would be hazard protection requirements. However, in this day and age, safety professionals are looking for construction equipment that has safety standards for preventing falls.


There are a lot of situations where durability comes at a premium in today’s construction industry. For example, a lot of construction professionals have a strong desire for tracked equipment because they know that it does much better than wheeled alternatives. Moreover, renting equipment can often improve fleet efficiency and they often “road” or “drive” the equipment between construction sites. This means that construction officials are placing a higher premium on machines that have radial tires, because they realize that they too are very durable.

Another area of importance would be in ensuring your equipment is made with durable materials, thereby setting the foundation for longevity. For example, Spartan Mat points out that equipment such as construction mats can be made from wood or composite materials, the latter being arguably superior as they are not susceptible to rotting.

Equipment That Can Hold the Intended Weight

Finally, you also want to make sure that all of the equipment can hold the intended weight. Part of this would be based on a full understanding of the capabilities of the equipment. Strong Man Safety Equipment advises that if the equipment is well-worn or brittle, it will not be able to hold the intended weight and it is time for a full replacement.

If you keep these factors in mind, you are sure to obtain the best results when asking a construction company to repair your home.

The 3 Best Ways to Improve Your Home Garage

Compared to kitchens and living rooms, garages don’t usually get a lot of TLC. That’s a shame, especially if you like to spend a lot of time working on cars or DIY projects there. Like every other part of your home, there are ways to improve your garage. Here are three of the best to keep in mind.

Upgrade the Roof

Replacing or upgrading the roof is one of the best improvements you can make to your garage, especially if you have an older roof that is showing signs of leaks. You need to keep the inside of your garage dry and in good shape, and a sturdy roof will certainly help with that.

Interior Design

When it comes to the garage, interior design generally refers to organizing your space to keep clutter to a minimum. Setting up shelves and strategically arranged boxes and bins allows you to organize your tools and supplies while giving you enough room to park your car. You can even find other ways to give your garage a makeover if removing the clutter is not enough to improve the appearance of your garage. You can repair the floor if it is stained or cracked and install new lighting to improve visibility. Hanging framed pictures and decorations is another great way to make your garage a fun and relaxing place to spend time in.

Replace Your Garage Door

Whether your garage door opener is simply not working as it once did or your door itself is showing signs of wear and tear, replacing your garage door is a major way to improve your garage. Not only does it improve security, but the right kind of door can look great with the rest of your garage’s new decor.

A wood garage door is fine if you want something that looks beautiful, and a steel door is the way to go if you want one that’s more durable. Steel won’t crack or warp like wood, and it opens up very easily when it is properly mounted. It’s definitely something to consider if you have an older garage with an equally old door.

Although it doesn’t always get as much attention as the rest of the home, the garage is an important space for a lot of homeowners, and it is deserving of an update when it comes time to remodel your home. What you do with your garage is up to you, but these three tips will certainly come in handy if you want to give yourself a new workspace or even just a welcoming spot to park your car.

3 Ways to Protect Your Major Home Improvement Projects

If you’re experiencing a major home improvement project like roofing, then you’re going to find that the project tends to last a bit longer than a few days. Because of this, it’s important that you put into place protections so that the project isn’t hindered further. Also, certain individuals with criminal behavior might attempt to take advantage of the weakened state of your home. To ensure that your project stays safe, consider these three ways to protect it.

Temporary Fence

Many major home improvement projects utilize heavy machinery. For those who have their homes in a neighborhood, the sight of a huge piece of machinery can be quite tempting for curious children. Those children can access your yard and either end up damaging the machinery or themselves by playing around with it. To make sure the machinery and project are safe, you should place a temporary fence around your property. This will keep children and any suspicious individuals away from needed machinery.

No Trespassing Signs

There are different types of no trespassing signs that can be very effective depending on who you are trying to target your warning to. Signs that ward off trespassing can be an effective method of keeping people off of your property because it gives them a direct warning. Humans are curious by nature, and you can use different types of no trespassing signs in order to satiate their curiosity while keeping them off of your property and away from your project. It can also potentially be grounds for legal action in the event that someone attempts theft of anything on your property during the construction.


In regards to roofing, you have more than just the human element to worry about. You also need to keep your home improvement project protected from the weather. The last thing you want for a roof project is water damage. As such, you can easily acquire tarps and have them placed over your roof to ensure that the wooden structures beneath are safely protected from the rain and other weather conditions. It’s also not a bad idea to tarp off heavy machinery and other locations to prevent mud and damage.

By keeping your home improvement project safe with these three methods, you can speed up the progress of that project. Keep your home, tools, and property safe by utilizing these three strategies.

3 Ways to Finance Your Home Improvement Efforts

If you own an older home, or if severe weather has damaged it, repairs become almost necessary. Many home repairs will actually save you money in the long run. But sometimes you may need to borrow money to make those repairs. There are many options to consider when financing your home improvement project. Home improvement loans offer many options, but if the cons outweigh the pros, there are other options you can consider.

Family and Friends

One source of money for home improvement projects is family and friends. They can be a good potential source for funds, especially if not making the repairs would cause further damage to your home and would then increase future repair costs. When borrowing money from family and friends, think about how much you need, how much you can pay back, and how long you would take to repay it. Then approach your family member with your plan, and explain why you need the money. Suggest writing an agreement, so that you both have a written record of how much your family member is lending you and so that the repayment terms are something you can both agreed with.

Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans have many advantages over cash and home equity lines of credit when it comes to financing your home improvement projects. They have low interest rates, especially if you opt for a secured home improvement loan. They also provide more flexibility when it comes to deciding how you want to spend the funds. Taking out a secured home improvement loan also gives you more options when it comes to lenders because they’re more willing to lend money to people who will provide security for the loan. You can also deduct the interest you pay on home improvement loan payments from your income taxes, as long as you’re using the funds to “substantially improve” your primary residence.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Home equity lines of credit allow you to take on a loan based on your home’s value to make improvements. This isn’t a straightforward loan; instead, you’re getting a line of credit that’s worth as much as 80 percent of the value of your home, minus the amount of your home loan. These loans have a draw period and a repayment period. For the first 10 years, you can spend the money in your line of credit. Payments you make cover mostly interest and a little bit of the principal on the outstanding balance. For the next 15 years, you’ll make larger payments on the line of credit that include more principal.

These are just a few options available to you for making improvements to your home, but there are others. When deciding what option to take, consider how much you’ve paid off on your home, its value, how much you’re willing to pay every month to pay off your obligation, and how much the needed improvements will increase your home’s value. This should help to guide your decision on the best loan type for you.

Why water drips down between my roof shingles and the gutter system?

The gutters should be check, as clogged gutters may cause leakage and overflow of water. Nevertheless, if the gutters are cleaned, water should be poured into the gutter with a garden hose and observed. If the water does not run out of downspout, then the gutters are definitely clogged from inside.

The most obvious reason the water to be dripping behind the gutter system is that there is the absence of proper drip edge installed on the roof. Drip edge is an important part, which needs to be there under the first row of the shingles of the roofing system. It functions by directing the flow of water into the gutter system.

This fault can be repaired by installing gutter apron, which is hanged over the gutter angled to the house. It helps to direct the flow of water into the gutter. This helps to save the roof from damage and leakage. For roofing solutions, reach out to us at 904-396-5000. 

Why are there any streaks or discoloration on my roof?

The roofs are most susceptible to algae or fungus deposition, which causes discoloration on the roof. The streaks or discoloration may seem to have been caused by dirt, mold, soot, or mildew, but in reality, it is caused by algae. Reach out to the best Jacksonville roofing services.

The roof is discolored due to the following reasons:

  • Algae grow in small spots then spreads to the roof, visible as streaks or discoloration to the owner.
  • Gloeocapsa of the algae has the ability to form a dark black color with reaction with sunlight and cause discolored streaks on the roof.
  • Algae spores are airborne, and therefore the roof is discolored very easily due to algae growth.
  • Humid weather and hot climate also promote the growth of algae on the roof.
  • The draining from a gutter and overhanging trees contributes to the algae growth by providing shade and damp on the roof.
  • Improper cleaning and inadequate maintenance cause black discoloration on the roof.
  • Roof discoloration can also be caused due to rust stains of the metal roof fixtures, and rusted roof flashing causes those streaks on the roof.

The discoloration of roof or appearances of some streaks are not usual, and they are not a symptom of some serious problem. However, it is important to get rid of discoloration before the roof is damaged. For advanced roofing services, reach out to us at 904-396-5000. 

Pitfalls to look out for when buying or selling your home

Buying and selling process is a difficult task, especially if it is regarding a home. It is a stressful process with many scopes of mistakes during the process. To avoid any mistake, hire reliable roofing services in Jacksonville from us. 

There are some common pitfalls to look for regarding buying and selling of the home.

Things to keep in mind while buying:

  • Purchasing a house which requires renovation
  • Buying a house without knowing the zoning restriction
  • Neglecting to include mandatory fees in the budget
  • Changing job while shifting to the new house and applying for a loan at the same time
  • Buying a home without loan approval
  • Deciding to buy a house without a prior inspection
  • Inability to check drainage system, faults in electricity and gas installations

Things to keep in mind while selling:

  • Improper preparation for inspections
  • Spending too much time in de-cluttering
  • Overvaluing the home
  • Selling the home without proper motivation
  • Posting low-quality photos of the property to the buyers
  • Getting repaired the structural damage

The selling and buying of the home are very important for the owner. Henceforth it is very important to check the facilities of the property and take the decision after proper inspection. The pitfalls must be avoided for getting a profitable deal. Get the estimate of reliable roofing services from us at 904-396-5000. 

History of Jacksonville, Florida

The city of Jacksonville, Florida grew up in the late 19th century. Previously the city was known as Ossachite. Originally, the city was occupied by Native Americans. The Spanish established control and domain over the St. Johns River region near Ossachite until 1763. After that, Britain gained control over Florida, naming it Cow Ford. 

The Cow Ford region was ceded back to Spain in late 1783, and soon Jacksonville became an area of development for nomads and settlers. In the latter half of 1821, the United States acquired Florida. The name of the city ‘Jacksonville’ is given on the name of the first military governor of Florida, General Andrew Jackson. Jacksonville is now one of the largest city in the United States with more than 840 square miles.

The major development of Jacksonville started in the late 19th century when it was designated as a destination for winter vacation. It became a major part of the United States Navy. The military employs more than 30,000 personnel and over 20,000 civilians. The city also suffered from urban sprawl but was consolidated and became a major part of the United States. The median age of Jacksonville is 36 years, which is one of the youngest of all the cities of Florida.

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How does storm damage affect my home over time?

There are severe storms that happen throughout the year like heavy rain, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, and extreme weather. The weather can damage the home largely. Although one cannot control the weather, however, measures can be taken to reduce the risk of damage of home. Deliver top-notch safety to your roof by hiring reliable Jacksonville roofing services. 

Storm damages can affect home in the following ways:

Damaged Roof

Heavy storm damages the roof largely over a span of time. The storm and heavy rain can damage the pitch of the roof and gutter system. There might be some lost shingles, or the whole roof may get broken due to thunder and storm.


The storm water and rain can infiltrate into the home and can lead to serious problems like mold and rotting. This is common during winters and snow and during heavy rain and storm. By letting water penetrate into the home over time can make the home prone to damping and rotting largely.

Broken Windows

Windows and doors are most prone to breakage by the storm. The heavy rain and thunder can easily break the windowpanes and damage them. The windows can be upgraded to safer options like shutters, high-impact glass, and double-paned models for protection against storms. 

The house can get damages severely due to the storm. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary for protecting the house and prolonging the life of the house. Ensure the best results to your home’s roof by contacting us at 904-396-5000.