Delayed gratification builds character but I want what I want and I want it NOW! After all, I’m an adult, I work hard and it’s about time to not sacrifice. Sound familiar? When it comes to roofs, why settle for what fits your cash budget, when you CAN afford the roof you really want by financing?

In the same way that financing allows you to afford a nicer car by paying monthly, financing can do the same for your roof. Keep your cash for emergencies. This is a fast-paced world and stuff happens. Let Quality Discount Roofing install that beautiful, long-lasting roof you really want, via financing.

It’s hard to beat the feeling of satisfaction and success, occurring at the same time. The right financing can give you that feeling because it allows you to have what you want, now.  Shorten the timetable on your long-term projects. While roofing is not a long-term job, because we complete most jobs in a day or two, it often takes a long time to save the money required.

If you have not been saving for your new roof you are not alone, most people don’t. Unfortunately, when your insurance company calls for a life expectancy certificate, they are looking to determine when you need a new roof. If they decide your roof must be replaced by a certain date or your policy will be canceled, you must replace that roof. Yes, they can and many do that. Try to get insurance elsewhere,

and you’ll quickly learn that your lack of a good roof was shared, as other insurance companies tell you the same thing. Manageable monthly payments via financing will feel a lot better than that deflating feeling that often comes with a large cash outlay.

Contact Quality Discount Roofing today and inquire about our easy roof financing option! (904) 396-5000

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