Flat Roof in Comparison to Pitched Roof: What’s the difference?

There are many types of roofs, and two of them are the flat roof and pitched roof. The flat roof is not built flat but has a slight slope and pitched roof has a much sharper slope than a flat roof. The flat roof is available on build up, a layer of single ply and has a variety of foam designs. On the other hand, pitched roof comes in a variety of styles angled at different slopes. For the best roofing services, hire reliable Jacksonville roofing contractors

Cost Difference Between a Pitched Roof And A Flat Roof

The pitched roof is more expensive than the flat roof. However, the repair costs of a flat roof are more expensive than a pitched roof. It is because the flat roofs are less vulnerable to moisture damage. In such a case, a pitched roof might prove to be more affordable in the long-term than a flat roof.

Durability Difference Between a Pitched Roof And A Flat Roof

The pitched roof gives more structure to the roof with more stability than a flat roof. It provides excellent drainage facility than a flat roof. However, on the other, hand flat roof is an inexpensive and convenient option.

Maintenance Difference Between a Pitched Roof And A Flat Roof

The flat roofs are inexpensive but require high maintenance due to the improper drainage system and flat structure. On the other hand, the pitched roof required professional inspection and cleaning due to the sloped structure.

The difference between the flat roof and pitched roof suggests that pitched roof is a more convenient and better option than a flat roof. For the best roofing results, reach out to us now a (904)396-5000

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