While preventative maintenance might seem like a lot of work, those tasks are going to keep your home safe, comfortable, and efficient in the coming years. Without the proper maintenance, you could face a wide variety of unwanted problems ranging from high energy bills to leaks in your roof. Here is a quick look at some of the most important maintenance projects that every homeowner should regularly carry out.

Exterior Maintenance

Your roof is going to be your first line of defense against the elements, and that is why it must be thoroughly inspected at least once every few months. While most tiles and shingles last for quite a few years, they can become damaged over time. When you are inspecting the outside of the roof, you should be looking for issues such as bent flashing, cracked shingles, and moss growth. That type of damage usually isn’t a major problem to fix as long as those problems are caught early on.

If you happen to be a seasoned homeowner, then you most likely know that rain gutters and downspouts are extremely important features. Those channels prevent severe water damage, and they need to be cleaned and inspected every few weeks. You can also inspect your home’s siding once every few weeks for discoloration, peeling paint, and other forms of damage. For that type of damage, you most likely only need to put on a fresh coat of exterior paint. Before the paint is applied, some of the damaged materials might have to be scraped away.

Interior Maintenance

What you put on your interior home maintenance checklist is going to depend on a few different factors. That includes how large your home is, what appliances you own, and what type of heating and cooling system you have. Luckily, most modern appliances are extremely durable, and they should continue to work flawlessly as long as you use them properly and regularly inspect them for any signs of damage.

As for the HVAC system, you will probably need to call in a professional technician once or twice a year. You should be able to replace the filters and clean the outdoor unit, but some of the other maintenance will require special tools and training. During a professional tune-up, the technician is going to check the fluid levels, test the thermostat, clean the condenser coils, and check the ducts for damage.

Another important maintenance task is testing all of the alarms and sensors throughout your home. Even when those devices are connected to a consistent power supply, they can still become damaged or inaccurate over the years. If your smoke alarms and other sensors are more than a decade or two old, then you might want to upgrade to WiFi devices that can be checked and controlled with a mobile app.

Yard Maintenance

Taking care of your yards is just as important as maintaining your home. When a yard isn’t well-maintained, the homeowner might have to deal with issues such as yellow grass, pest infestations, dead trees, and broken irrigation lines. Cleaning and disconnecting the irrigation system will be especially important if you live in an area that regularly has freezing temperatures.

How you maintain your lawn and trees will depend on what types of plants you have and your local environment. In most locations, biannual weeding and fertilizing are enough to keep mature plants healthy. You can also have a pest control expert spray around the outside of your property once every month or two to keep pests at bay.

Simplifying the Process

All of those tasks might seem overwhelming, but there are some steps that you can take to make home management a little bit easier. That includes downloading a home organization app like Centriq. After being featured in This Old House, Centriq exploded in popularity, and that app is going to give you unprecedented control over almost every aspect of your home. It is filled to the brim with useful features, and it could result in massive savings over the years. As an added bonus, Centriq is also compatible with a variety of smart appliances and sensors.

Authored by: Ashley Stephan
Blog: https://ashleystephan.wordpress.com/

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