How does storm damage affect my home over time

There are severe storms that happen throughout the year like heavy rain, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, and extreme weather. The weather can damage the home largely. Although one cannot control the weather, however, measures can be taken to reduce the risk of damage of home. Deliver top-notch safety to your roof by hiring reliable Jacksonville roofing services. 

Storm damages can affect home in the following ways:

Damaged Roof

Heavy storm damages the roof largely over a span of time. The storm and heavy rain can damage the pitch of the roof and gutter system. There might be some lost shingles, or the whole roof may get broken due to thunder and storm.


The storm water and rain can infiltrate into the home and can lead to serious problems like mold and rotting. This is common during winters and snow and during heavy rain and storm. By letting water penetrate into the home over time can make the home prone to damping and rotting largely.

Broken Windows

Windows and doors are most prone to breakage by the storm. The heavy rain and thunder can easily break the windowpanes and damage them. The windows can be upgraded to safer options like shutters, high-impact glass, and double-paned models for protection against storms. 

The house can get damages severely due to the storm. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary for protecting the house and prolonging the life of the house. Ensure the best results to your home’s roof by contacting us at 904-396-5000.

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