If your home has fallen into disrepair or you are thinking of buying a home that needs some repairs done to it, then there are many different factors to consider. The first is to make sure that you are aware of all the damage so that you can prioritize what work needs to be done as time and money become available.

The Roof

Wind, hail, high winds, and falling or blowing debris can harm roofs. The first step is to consider if the decking of your roof has been damaged or if you just need to put on new roofing materials. One way to do this is to go up into the attic and examine the trusses to make sure that they are not cracked or busted as they support the weight of the roof. While you are there, look for signs of mold, mildew, and wet spots as these are signs that water is getting in. Then, head up on the roof to look for noticeable signs of damage, like missing shingles. You will also want to inspect the flashings to make sure that they are still fastened securely.

Your Driveway

The care that your driveway needs depends on what materials were used to make it. If it is made of blacktop, then you need to figure out if the driveway’s foundation is still secure because if it is, then you can just add a new layer of sealcoating. Alternatively, if your driveway is made of concrete, then you need to make sure that broken pieces are not doing further damage. You should take steps to avoid concrete damage to vehicles and other surfaces. It is probably a good idea to avoid using your concrete driveway until you can get it repaired.

The Foundation

Start by standing by each corner of your house and make sure that the line of your home is still straight. If it is not, then your foundation is giving way. If it is still straight, then look for cracks in the walls of your home. If you find cracks, then the chances are that the foundation is damaged. Finally, look closely at the foundation after a rain to make sure that no water is standing along its base. If you see standing water, then you need to figure out a new drainage plan to move the water away from the foundation. Other foundation damage usually requires you to call a professional who will jack up your home and repair your foundation or put a new one under your house.


You also need to regularly inspect your home’s plumbing. You need to make sure that if the house was built before 1986 that no lead pipes remain in the home. Then, turn the water off at the main valve. Once turned off, the dial should no longer move. If it does, then you know that you have a water leak somewhere. If the dial stops moving, then turn the water back on and look at your water heater. If it is older than 10 years, then you might want to put in a new one as the old one is fixing to break down any day. Flush each toilet to make sure that it flushes properly. Then, go to the highest faucet in the home and check your water pressure and the water temperature.

Air Drafts

Turn off your air conditioning system and close all doors and windows. Now, light a candle and walk around the outside walls of your home. If the candle flickers, then you have outside air coming into your home. Determine where the air is coming from and take steps to correct the problem. Often it will be coming through a window that needs to be replaced or resealed. Then, turn back on your home’s air conditioning system, and make sure that the temperature in all rooms is the same. If you notice hot and cold spots, then you have problems with your vents. Sometimes, you may have one closed that you forgot to open. Other times, the vents need to be cleaned and realigned.

Check the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A simple job that almost everyone can do is to check the fire and carbon monoxide detectors in their home. You should have a smoke detector in each bedroom and at least one on every level of your home. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector near every bedroom. Carbon monoxide detectors should be located 5 feet from the floor. Most sensors have a button to push so that you can tell if they are working. If not, then replace them or the batteries in them immediately.

If you are considering a home that has fallen into disrepair, then consider which of these areas needs your attention first. You will enjoy living in the home more after you have gotten the required work completed.

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