How to Stay Organized During a Home Improvement Project

How to Stay Organized During a Home Improvement Project

Whether you’re doing some of the work or hiring it out, renovations can be messy. The disruption of renovation is always temporary, but it can feel as though it will never end. There are many tips and tools available to help you keep things in order.

A Binder

Using a binder to store all documentation related to the renovation can save you time and hassle in the future. Keep a copy of all your chosen paint colors in this binder so you have a match if you need one. Your binder can store important paperwork like quotes, estimates, invoices, receipts and lien releases. Be sure to add some blank pages for notes. You may also want to add a calendar to your binder if you’re tracking a big renovation. Finally, save yourself and the next owner worry by taking photos. If you have to open a wall to run electrical wire or plumbing, take photos before the sheetrock goes back up and put a copy in the binder for future reference.

A Toolbox

Your toolbox should be portable and easy to relocate if needed. If you’re not living in the house yet, be sure to get a locking toolbox. Even if you’re only using a few hand tools, consider storing your toolbox in a children’s wagon so you can move it out of your way as needed. There are many options available to protect and store your favorite hand tools. It’s difficult to keep track of tools if you don’t have one place to store them in. Rather than tripping over them, designate a storage area and put everything away when you clean up at night.

Staying Tidy

No matter how careful you are, dust and grime from the construction project can make a mess in the rest of your house. Be sure to hang plastic sheeting between your renovation area and the rest of your home. Invest in sticky floor mats for everyone to cross when they enter your living space. If you own intricate or precious objects, pack them away until the project is done and disruption is over.

Renovating your home is a great way to customize the space to exactly what you need. To avoid damaging any of your belongings in the process, consider boxing them up. Be sure to put away tools each night to avoid lost time searching for the tape measure. Finally, keep all your paperwork in one place.

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