Most homeowners focus on the main roof of their homes, but porch roofs need special attention because of the important purpose they serve. Porch roofs withstand wind and water damage throughout the year and often provide shelter for outdoor relaxation and recreation.

For residents in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, wind and water exposure are year-round weather elements that residential roofing must stand up to. Several factors figure into determining if your porch roof needs reroofing.

Major considerations when determining if it is time for a new porch roof include the age of the roof and the material, the condition of the roof valleys, the condition of the shingles, interior inspection, and proper drainage.

A roof typically lasts between 20 and 25 years when kept in good repair and maintenance. Valleys account for the most leakages and buildup of gutter debris. They need to be kept well shingled. Once they are broken or falling apart, a new roofing system is required. Shingles that are dried out, curled or broken need to be replaced and are clear indicators a replacement is needed.

Gutters should be checked for debris and if there are pieces of shingles found, it means the shingles are becoming weak and breaking apart – another sign of needing to reroof. An interior inspection can also detect when a roof is in need of repair or replacement. If rays of sunlight are visible through the ceiling, it means leaks are present and repair is necessary. Left untended, an ongoing breakdown in materials will lead to the need for a completely new roof.

Climate is a big factor affecting the lifespan of a roof. The heavier rainfall and higher winds experienced in Jacksonville can easily reduce the lifespan of a roof by five years. Dark streaks or trails on the underside of porches are signs that leaks are present, and possibly mold, too.

Porch roofs that provide shelter for outdoor activities need to be checked for structural integrity to make sure people are safe when underneath them. Concave spots point to unseen leaks where rotting wood may be present, with the potential for collapse.

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