Disasters come in many forms. Here in Florida, hurricanes are definitely on the top of the list of natural disasters. However, other types of disasters can be just as destructive. Let’s look at a few of the more common disasters that could befall you and how to prepare your home to minimize or prevent damage.


Almost every square mile of Florida is infested with termites. These wood-eating insects cause billions in damage each year. Have your home inspected regularly for termites and take measures to prevent them from nesting in your walls.

Home Invasion

People turn to crime for many reasons. They could enjoy the heady rush of trying not to get caught, or they could be people who are addicted to drugs and will use any means possible to pay for their destructive habit.  Unfortunately, this could mean targeting you to steal your cash and valuables. Keep all doors and windows locked. Install and use a home security system.


Every part of Florida is vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by a hurricane. Preparing for this natural disaster begins with making sure your roofing is in good condition. Purchase and install storm shutters to keep debris from crashing through your windows.

Electrical Fire

An electrical fire can destroy your home and belongings in a short amount of time. Make sure your home has working smoke detectors. Have your home’s electrical system inspected, especially if the structure is more than a couple of decades old. Faulty wiring, old appliances, extension cords and poorly installed light fixtures are common causes of electrical fires.

Mold Infiltration

Mold will take hold and grow in wet, organic materials. In Florida homes, it is often found on the surface of drywall and wood that has become moist due to water leaks and house flooding. Find leaks and fix them.

Trees Falling on the Roof

The strong thunderstorms that plague Florida can break off branches and even topple entire trees. To prevent the falling wood from hitting your roof, you need to keep trees from growing too close to the house. Have branches trimmed back away from the roof.

House Flooding

Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring floods. However, a leaking water heater or washing machine hose can also bring a lot of water into your home. Make sure your water heater is in good condition and replace washer hoses every few years.

It is better to prepare before a disaster hits your home than getting caught without any preparations made. The time and resources it takes to prepare will minimize or prevent damage to your home.


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