If you’re preparing to sell your house, there are plenty of things to take care of before you contact an agent. Even if you happen to keep your home showroom-new, you might want to run through this list and make some adjustments to make sure you can sell your house quickly and get the best deal.

Declutter and Repaint

Although you may have spent years customizing your home and making it feel like your perfect spot, potential buyers are looking for a place they can easily envision themselves in.

You should want your house to feel like a blank canvas when it’s being shown to buyers. Paint the walls a neutral color; you can’t go wrong with white or light gray. You should also remove as much clutter as possible. Make sure kitchen counters are cleared off, desks aren’t covered in paper or books and that the kids’ rooms are well-organized.

Make Some Repairs

Home repairs are at the top of the list of things you need to get done before contacting an agent. Typically, an agent is going to do a walk-through and make a note of any small fixes that can be done before they start showing your house. To save time and get straight to selling, you want to make sure your home is as presentable, functional, and as move-in ready as possible.

Would you want to spend money on somewhere that isn’t 100-percent perfect? Probably not. Some people don’t mind a fixer-upper, but most buyers want their new house to be move-in ready. Get the roof repaired and tidied, replace any light bulbs, touch up the floors, and tighten any loose door handles.

Update Your Decor

If your living room looks like it could be on the cover of an interior decorating magazine from the 1970s, you should consider swapping out your furniture for some more current pieces.

You should declutter and depersonalize your space as much as possible and add some nice, clean touches like a mirror or comfy chair that make people eager to envision their own stuff in the room.

While some houses have vintage elements that become big selling points, most buyers in today’s market aren’t looking for something that needs to be modernized. You should declutter and depersonalize your space as much as possible and add some nice, clean touches like a mirror or comfy chair that make people eager to envision their own stuff in the room.

Focus on Functionality

When selling your home, functionality is the most critical aspect to consider. How comfortable is your home for people to navigate? Are the rooms bright and clean, making it easy for them to see the space’s true potential? Is the exterior updated and inviting? Is the backyard spruced up with well-maintained plants and free of any mess?

By considering your house’s best features and placing their demonstration at the forefront of your preparation, getting your home ready for sale becomes a no-brainer.

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