When you have children, you have to take certain factors into consideration if you decide to renovate your home. Depending on a child’s age, you may want to choose certain materials over others. Here are some things to think about before you start.


Your floors are used every day, and they have to withstand the wear and tear that kids bring. That’s why you need to think hard before you commit to flooring. While carpet may seem like an obvious choice, children will quickly stain it and track mud in that will have to be cleaned. Carpet is a soft choice, but it can be hard to keep clean if you have a pet that sheds living inside.

Hardwood flooring can withstand many stains and is easy to clean. Though it’s not as soft for little feet, you can add area rugs to create the ambiance you want. Hardwood floors also tend to add beauty to any home.

Adding Rooms

As children age, they will want more privacy. This could mean your child having a room of her own if your house allows that. If it doesn’t, you may want to consider adding rooms.

While rooms can be redesigned to offer more privacy if kids are sharing space, adding a room might be a better long-term option. Your garage can be transformed into a room. You can also add on to your house if you have room to do so. Some families even decide to build up to add more space. Just make sure you think ahead to several years down the line so you can make the best decision that will keep your space working for your family.

Create a Kid-Friendly Space

No matter how old your child is, he will likely enjoy a place that he knows was created with him in mind specifically. Renovating your home gives you a way to decide on an area that will remain kid-friendly and design it that way. This could mean painting the walls with dry erase paint so your child can write directly on them. It could mean lighting that creates the perfect place for a child to curl up with a book. Talk to your child about what he would like in a space that is just for him. Incorporate those ideas into the renovation.

Take your kids into consideration when renovating your home. You want to make it a place they will love to be for years to come. You also want to make it a place durable enough that it won’t be destroyed by them. It’s gonna be a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Consider including your kids in the planning — they are sure to have plenty of ideas.

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