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We are now a My Safe Florida Home Approved Contractor. Get a $10,000 rebate for your project!

Revitalize Your Home with Double Hung Window Replacement

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The two sashes of a double hung window can be moved up and down. The curtains are stacked on each other, and each one moves up and down. Most double hung window replacement also have handles that let each sash turn inward, making it easy and quick to clean the windows.

Most houses in Northeast Florida and Palm Coast County, Florida, have double hung window replacement. They let air in, are easy to clean, have choices for frame and glass that make them energy efficient, and aren’t too expensive. They can be used in any room of the house.

Casement vs. Double Hung Windows

Because of how they open, casement and double hung replacement windows are easy to tell apart. Most casement windows have a crank that opens the sash, like how a book opens. The sash has a side opening.

Replacing a double hung window involves removing the existing unit, which doesn’t have springs. Instead, it has two sashes that move up and down next to each other. Casement windows, often considered for replacements, save more energy than traditional double hung windows because they lack a seal that slides when closing. Instead, they utilize weatherstripping that compresses to achieve a tight seal.

Why Double Hung Windows are Great

Even though double hung windows may not be the most energy-efficient choice, they are the most common style for several reasons. Here are a few of the most essential benefits of double hung windows.

Excellent Ventilation 

Double hung windows have two screens that can be opened, letting in a lot of air. You can open either of the curtains to let in the fresh air and make a cross breeze.

Readily Available

Since double hung windows are the most common and famous type, most stores and companies that sell and make windows carry them. You should be fine finding this type of window; in most cases, it will take a little time to get it.

Color and Size Options

Because double hung windows are so popular, many companies make them in various colors and sizes. This gives you room to make changes and improve the look outside your house.


Double hung windows are so popular because they can be made in large numbers, which helps keep the price down. Double hung windows aren’t too expensive.

Easy to Clean

Each double hung window sash can be tilted inward thanks to pins and hinges. Going outside to clean the windows and sashes is no longer necessary.

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Can Double Hung Windows be Replaced?

You can replace double hung windows with newer, more efficient models. You can replace outdated, broken, or malfunctioning double hung windows. Consider replacing your existing double hung windows by removing the old ones and installing new double hung replacement windows. It’s advisable to consult a specialist to ensure the replacement process is done correctly and the new windows stay securely in place.

Older or broken double hung windows can be replaced to improve energy efficiency, appearance, and usability. Windows that keep falling are irritating. It may be a safety issue or prevent your home from cooling in summer. Fixing an ancient “dropped” double hung window doesn’t require replacing it or hiring a professional. 

Double hung window replacement repair is one of several simple, typical window repairs. 

The sashes of double hung windows often tumble down. This problem can cause the upper sash to fall when you try to close it or the lower sash to fall shut when you want it open. If you need to fix old windows that won’t stay up or have other issues, we can help.

Replacing Casement Windows with Double Hung Windows

If you’re considering a double hung window replacement and have thought, “Can you replace casement windows with double-hung windows?” The answer is yes. The frame is the same if you wish to switch from casement windows to double-hung windows or from double-hung windows to casement windows. Casement windows can be harder to remove, but once they are gone, it’s easy to put in a double-hung window.

How Much Are Double-Hung Windows?

It usually costs about $600 to replace a double-hung window.  But things like the type of frame, the kind of glass, where the window is in your home, and more can change the sum. Most people pay between $400 and $1,000 for double-hung windows, but you could end up paying much more than that.

Double Hung Window Cost Factors

It’s hard to give a single, exact cost for replacing a double-hung window because so many things can make the cost of materials go above or below average. We’ll talk about the main cost issues in the next section.

Window Style

The $600 quote is for a single double-hung window. Your expenses will be significantly lower if you have twin double-hung windows (two with a central mullion) instead of triple double-hung windows (three with two center mullions). 

Window Size

At least in part, the price of a window is based on how big it is. The cost of your window will increase the more space it takes up on your wall. Double-hung windows come in fewer sizes than casement or picture windows, which will be less critical. You can measure your room and decide if this is a suitable window type. 

Frame Material

Frames for double-hung windows can be made of metal, vinyl, composite material, fiberglass, wood, or any combination. The material you choose will significantly affect how well the window works, how much it costs, and how much energy you save.

Window Construction

Your windows’ durability and ease of upkeep depend on their build quality. This is especially important for double-hung windows. It will also change the price since better windows will automatically cost more.

Customization Options

The hardware, muntins, and grilles on double-hung windows are apparent and can be changed to suit your tastes. How much your windows cost depends on what you pick. You can also choose from different internal choices, such as other types of balances, which can change how the window works and how much it costs.

Permit Cost

Lastly, replacing windows might need a building permit in your city or town. If so, you should add $50 to $200 to the total service cost.

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The type of glass and how it is made will also be necessary. Single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane glass are all easy to find for double-hung windows. Argon or krypton gas layers keep the heat out between the double-pane and triple-pane glass panes.

Adding more panes will make your window more energy-efficient and less noisy, but the price will increase quite a bit. When it comes to efficiency and cost, double-paned window glass is the best choice. 

You can also pay more for low-E (low-emissivity) coatings and window tints on the glass. Both double-paned and triple-paned window glass cost the same for these extras.

Final Thought

If you want to improve your home’s look, energy efficiency, and safety, consider replacing your double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and they provide ample ventilation. They are easy to find and cheap, making them a popular house choice.

Hire a reputable expert who can fix or replace double-hung windows. At QDRUSA, you can get Windows fixed, and there are several ways to replace double-hung windows. Don’t let old, broken, or windows that don’t work well ruin the look and use of your house. You’ll have better airflow, less work on your house, and a cozier place to live. Visit our services at to have high-quality double hung window replacement for your home.


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