Many homeowners leave their home during a remodeling project. It’s easier that way, after all. Some people take up residence at a local hotel for a few days; others crash on relatives or friends couches for a few days. But not everyone has the luxury of leaving home during a remodeling project. Are you on that list of remodelers?

If you cannot leave home, it’s time to safety plan! Ensuring everyone’s safety should be your top priority during any remodeling project. Safety issues exist at every angle of the job. Some problems are minor; others are life-threatening. Identify these issues before any work begins. Once you identify the risks, create a plan that reduces safety issues. Use the tips here to keep everyone safe during your remodeling project.

Choose the Best Contractors

Many remodeling companies provide services in the local area. Not all companies are worth the time or money they require, however. Do not hire the first remodeling contractor that you find. Research the options, looking for a company that is experienced and dedicated. Hire industry experts to complete the work. It may cost a bit more initially, but saves a tremendous amount of money in the long run. Ask friends to refer you to a great remodeling company. Use the internet to scour reviews and information from sources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) and choose a dedicated professional to reduce risks.

Let the Work Begin

Know when the remodelers are in the house. Establish a definite remodeling schedule after hiring a company to complete the work. Not only does this maximize privacy, but it also helps homeowners plan this day. If you’re remodeling the bathroom, for example, you may want to spend the day at the mall or elsewhere that has working plumbing.

Stay Out of the Way

Stay out of the way when workers are in the house. It is ideal to create a ‘construction-free’ zone that’s blocked off to prevent getting in the way. But, don’t assume that you’re the only person in the way. Keep kids and pets out of the work area as well. Yes, they’re cute and only want to say hello, but you’ve hired this team to perform a job. They aren’t at home to baby or pet sit. Kids and pets only get in the way!

Protect Your Feet

Wear shoes at all times during a remodeling project. Even the cleanest, most careful workers can miss a sharp object or broken glass in the floor. Without shoes, your feet are susceptible to injury if you step on these things. Wearing shoes inside the house may not be ideal, but it’s a far better option than suffering a foot injury!

One at a Time

Are you remodeling several rooms in the home? It is tempting to schedule work simultaneously. Refrain from doing this, however, since it only adds stress to the project. It is hard to keep track of the work when several projects are going on at once. Plus, if you’re in the home, it is hard to make it through the day when all the rooms are out of commision.

Remove Items From the Room

There are items in each room that you should remove before workers come to the house to remodel. These items are dangerous for many reasons. There is a risk of the things being damaged if they’re not removed from the area. Most items sitting around your home are only in the way when a remodeler is there to get a job done. Remove any items that might get in the worker’s way and if necessary, put them into self-storage so that you and the workers can move around more freely wihtout worring about damaging your items.. This includes things like the microwave, appliances, toiletries, and even food out of the pantry.

Open the Windows

Proper ventilation during a remodeling project is essential. Workers use a variety of chemicals to complete your project. These chemicals bring with them many potential health risks. Proper ventilation during the remodel reduces upper respiratory problems. It also minimizes dirt and debris transferred from the work area to other parts of the home. Do you really want to spend your time cleaning up a mess?

Final Thoughts

Ensuring everyone’s safety should be your top priority when remodeling. Simple steps reduce risk and work to keep everyone free from danger. The tips above are some of the steps that keep your project safe. Use this information to your advantage and complete the remodeling project without risks.


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