Moisture in your home can lead to water damage and mold. It is important to know the main sources of moisture in your house so that you can deal with them properly. Here are the first places to look.

The Roof

Roof damage can happen in many different ways, which is why you should have regular inspections to ensure damage is repaired quickly. Hailstorms can compromise your roof and pave the way for leaks. Wind can rip shingles off and leave your roof exposed. Simply not checking your roof often means debris or wear and tear can cause problems that let water into your home before you are even aware of it.

Regular inspections can help you to find a problem before it grows into something worse. If your roof is fixed before moisture makes its way into your home, you will not have nearly as many repairs to deal with in the long run.


A leaking pipe is not a small problem to ignore. Over time, leaky pipes can cause staining on your walls, affect your water quality, or even lead to mold developing in your house. If things get bad enough, you could even have to deal with flooding when a leaky pipe finally bursts.

Leaking pipes also waste water and cause your utility bill to increase. Look to make sure there are not obviously leaking pipes around your home, and get a professional to investigate if you suspect leaking pipes in a place you cannot easily see.

Problems With Ventilation

If your attic is not probably ventilated, the moisture from your home will be trapped. This can lead to mold growth and constant dampness that rots items you store in the attic.

Taking showers, boiling water, and a variety of other things you do each day create condensation. As it attempts to exit your home, it has to head up and out. A house that has spaces that are not properly ventilated, especially in the attic, will make this harder. All that moisture trapped inside will cause problems and could lead to a living environment that is not safe for you or your family. Proper ventilation can be installed once you know you need changes to be made.

Moisture in your home can lead to a variety of problems. Make sure you know where to check if you suspect water or moisture is building up in your house.

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