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Things You Need to Do for a Better Roof Protection

A house’s roof is one of its most crucial components. It takes the worst of any storm or bad weather so everyone inside stays safe. Roofs also play a big part in keeping a home’s temperature comfortable; roof protection can help keep energy costs down. It is why taking good care of your home’s roof is important.

Your roof has to be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. It’s important to ensure your roof system works well and is not damaged. Usually, a roof should be checked twice a year and after a storm. It helps find damage that may need fixing before it worsens and costs more.


How Do I Stop My Roof from Ice Damming?

Roof ice dams happen when it gets freezing, and there is a lot of snow. When it’s above freezing in the attic, snow on the roof melts and runs down the sloped roof. When the melting snow runs down the roof and hits the gutters and eaves, which are colder, it freezes again.

Preventing and quickly removing ice dams can save your property from costly structural or aesthetic damage. If ice dams occur, they must be removed immediately. Preventing them is more accessible. Ice dam prevention and removal involve many tools, some of which are best left to professionals for roof anchors for fall protection.

One or more of the following ways to stop ice dams from causing damage to your home can help. Among the things you can do are:


Add Insulation to the Attic

Snow and ice go through a cycle of freezing and melting because your house is warm and the air outside is cold. Good attic insulation will make ice dams less likely to form and save you money on your energy bill. It will stop heat from being transferred to the snow on your roof and keep the energy in your home where needed.


Remove Snow from the Roof

Use a lightweight roof rake to stay on the ground and maintain balance, preferably with a long extension. Use the rake to clear the snow off the eaves of your roof while the snow is still soft, usually right after a significant snowfall and before it can freeze again. It will help prevent ice from building up. Before it snows, it’s also a good idea to ensure your eaves are free of leaves and branches.


Mallet Ice Dams

You can also use force to get the snow and ice off your roof if you want to use something other than the other methods here. With a roof-safe mallet, you can chip away at the ice to widen runoff channels and improve drainage. Be careful not to use axes, hatchets, or other sharp or heavy tools that could damage the roof or shingles even more.


How Do I Protect My Roof in the Winter?

Snowstorms can damage roofs, so it’s important to call a roof protection company for help. If you think you know what to do to protect your roof during the winter, keep reading. If you don’t know what to do, call a professional and set up an inspection. In the meantime, here are ways to make sure your total protection roofing system stays safe this winter:


Clean the Roof Frequently

It’s always possible to clean off your roof in the winter. You need to get your ladder and clean the dirt off your roof. Before you clean your roof, you must ensure it is safe.


You should also remember that you can only do it once and wait until it gets dirty. If you have time, try to clean it as much as possible to prevent more damage. You can talk to a professional roofer if the job is too hard. Roof protection companies will know how to clean your roof without damaging it.


Regularly Clean Your Gutters

One reason to clean your gutters often is to keep your gutter system from being put under too much stress. Gutters and drainpipes keep water away from your home’s foundation. If there are clogs, moisture could build up, putting pressure on the gutters and making the roof more likely to get damaged.

Water will freeze, melt, and then freeze again, which will cause you trouble. Please discuss this with a specialist. Many problems can be caused by too much moisture in your home. That’s why you should always clean your gutters to lower the risk of damage. This way, you can provide roof protection and stray away from future dilemmas.


Remove Overrunning Trees

No one wants to deal with roof damage caused by falling tree branches, so removing low-hanging branches is best. Snowstorms are known to put stress on trees, and because the ice will form, there is a chance that branches will break and damage your roof. Branch removal can be done quickly, but you can call a pro if roof edge protection is difficult. With the help of experts, you can feel at ease.


Install Heat Cables in Older, Poorly Insulated Houses

Insulation might be problematic in homes over 20 years old. Heat cables are needed to prevent ice dams from forming in homes without enough insulation. Ask your roofing provider to inspect your roof during warmer months. Heat cables prevent ice jams temporarily. Install winter heat cables by an expert to avoid injury.


Hire a Roofer before Winter

Preparation is the most important part of protecting your roof. If you need to know if your roof is ready for unusually cold weather, call a local roofing company in the summer to set up a roof inspection. Ask specific questions about roof ice dams, insulation, and airflow.

If you need to make any changes, you’ll have the summer and fall to plan the project, so you’re ready. During the coldest months of the year, it’s tough to fix a roof. Be always ready to provide the best roof protection for your humble abode.


How Do You Insulate an Attic to Prevent Ice Dams on the Roof?

If your attic is unconditioned, snow shouldn’t melt and re-freeze on the roof. However, heat from your conditioned living area may leak into the attic, causing ice dams—heat flow and warm air to move from high to low temperatures. Air sealing and ceiling/attic insulation can prevent ice dams.

Preventing ice dams is simpler and cheaper than fixing them. A roofing crew costs more than an insulation professional to remove ice and snow. Ice dams will form again after removal, and roof damage is possible. Insulation and air sealing are more permanent ice dam solutions.

If you think your home could get ice dams or if you’ve had them in the past, you should seal air leaks and add insulation before winter comes. You can do the job yourself or hire a professional to ensure it’s done right. In either case, pay close attention to where the roof meets the wall to ensure the insulation is put in correctly.


Final Thoughts

Your roof is a significant investment and important for keeping your home safe and sound. Putting off repairs or replacements that need to be done can lead to more significant, more expensive problems in the future. If you see leaking or damage from freezing rain, you should find a roof protection contractor to inspect a building or attic.

Preparation and education are the best ways to stay ahead of Mother Nature. Ensure your roof is strong using suitable materials and methods to avoid ice dams and possible roof collapses. Don’t wait until the plaster on your interior walls starts to crack.


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Quality Discount Roofing & Construction is one of the top residential & commercial exteriors contractors in Northeast Florida. We have proudly served the Northeast Florida market for over 10 years! We provide roofing, siding, and gutters to residential, multi-family, and commercial customers. We have over 200 online reviews and growing, winner of Bold City’s Best Roofer 3 years in a row, Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, and the 2020 Owens Corning MVP Award! 

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