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Top 5 Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations You Must Try

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One of the hardest things to decide on is the metal roof and siding color combinations you should use. It’s a lot like how you think about painting a room in your house. There are numerous things to consider. You already know you want a metal roof to protect your home for the rest of your life, but what roof color will please the eye for that long?

Even though paint and color trends change over time, you want the color you choose for your metal roof color combinations to last. You also want the color of your roof to match and add to the look of the outside of your home. Homeowners can use tried-and-true color combinations to help them choose a paint color for their metal roof system and home exterior.

What Colors Go with a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs come in many different colors to match different styles and tastes. It’s easy to choose one that you like. The problem comes when you try to match it with the color of the siding.

Your metal roof should be the same color as your siding. The colors should look similar to each other. You want them to go well together. There are so many choices that it takes work to pick the right metal roof and siding color combinations.

Black Roof on a White House Siding

Black and white are two of the most classic and timeless color combinations for a home. Houses with white walls and black roofs will never go out of style. One of the best things about a black roof is that you don’t have to choose just one material. It’s easy to find black asphalt shingles and black metal roofs.

White siding is often used because it makes the outside of a house look bigger. So, if you have a small house, think about these colors. Not only that but white also helps keep your energy bills low by reflecting sunlight.

Dark Gray House Siding with a Black Roof

Use bold, modern metal siding color combinations to stand out. In modern home designs for 2023, dark colors are used a lot. When you put a dark gray house with a dark charcoal roof together, it will stand out.

When you use two very similar colors, break up the dark tones with white trim, doors, and windows. It will brighten up the modern design, which is mostly dark. Remember that dark-colored houses work best in cold climates because dark colors soak up more heat from the outside. 

Gray Siding and a Dark Gray Roof

Gray metal roof and siding color combinations are popular in homes and will likely stay popular until 2023. The color will stay visible when you put a lighter shade of gray with a darker shade of gray. Instead, the contrast creates a subtle look that still stands out, which works well for traditional and modern designs.

Charcoal gray shutters that match your roof will complete your home if installed. Use white details to break up the gray and draw attention to exciting parts of your home’s architecture.

Gray Metal Roof with White Siding

This color scheme is for you if you live in a hot place and want a light, airy design. A light-colored metal roof on a white house will help keep the sun’s heat away.

This bright home looks very clean and comfortable. This combination of colors gives you a lot of room to add pops of color to the details. Add a colorful front door and black window panes for a sleek look.

metal roof and siding color combinations, metal roof house color combinations, metal roof color combinations, metal siding color combinations, gray metal roof and siding color combinations;

Dark Gray Roof with Green Siding

Neutral colors work almost always well, but people who want a more colorful home can also use great color combinations. With dark gray shingles, almost any shade of green siding will look warm and inviting. Stone accent columns are another great way to improve the outside of your home.

Homes with many trees and plants around them look great with green siding. With this color scheme, your home will become a beautiful relaxing place.

How Do You Match the Roof Color to the Siding?

Finding a roof and siding color that goes with the style of your home will make it look better for a long time. Choosing new colors for the outside of your home can be fun, but it can also feel like a lot of work. Since there are many ways to match metal roof and siding color combinations, it’s best to ask an expert for help.

Color Selection Should Be Based on Personal Preference

Every building is different, and every owner has different ideas about what colors they like. So, one of the best things about owning a building with a new metal roof is that you get to choose the color. We could talk about color combinations all day, but you should choose a color you like.

Use Colors That Go Well with the near the Structure

The colors that are already on your property are another thing that can help you choose a color. You’ll want a good roof color when put next to or near the other outside parts of the house. 

Make Your Decision Based on Geographic Location

What color you choose might depend on where you live or your building. In tropical areas, buildings and homes tend to have metal roofs that are brighter and livelier in color than in other areas. States or regions in the south of the United States tend to use warmer colors and have a lot of Latin architecture.

Understand the Structure’s Architectural Style

Another thing to think about when choosing a color for your home or property is what kind of architectural style it has. Many types of architecture exist, and some buildings may fit into multiple categories.

Solar Reflectance Index and Emissivity

Cool metal roofing, made of highly emissive metal sheets and coils with reflective coatings and a higher Solar Reflectance Index than other roofing materials, is a great feature of metal roofing.

What Is the Coolest Color for a Metal Roof?

The metal roof and siding color combinations affect how much energy a building uses, so choosing it carefully can save money on energy bills in the long run. Metal roof house color combinations are usually light colors like golden bronze, beige, and peach, which are the opposite of dark colors.

metal roof and siding color combinations, metal roof house color combinations, metal roof color combinations, metal siding color combinations, gray metal roof and siding color combinations;

These reflect the sun’s heat better than letting it enter the building. Several of these colors are energy-certified, meaning you can get a tax credit for saving energy.

If you like darker colors, don’t be upset. You can paint your metal roof dark because metal roofs reflect much radiation. A dark color will probably get an Energy Star rating. Putting heat-reflective paint on your walls helps you balance color and energy efficiency well.

Bottom Line

Choosing a metal roof and siding color combinations can be difficult. But if you research and use the tools that manufacturers and designers offer, you can make a better decision and be happier with the result.

Metal roofing comes in various colors and textures, including custom colors that paint suppliers can match. Use a roof visualizer from a manufacturer to see how a certain color will look on a house, or ask for physical color samples for the most accurate idea. Visit QDRUSA today for a free quote and to learn more about siding and roof colors.


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