The roofs are most susceptible to algae or fungus deposition, which causes discoloration on the roof. The streaks or discoloration may seem to have been caused by dirt, mold, soot, or mildew, but in reality, it is caused by algae. Reach out to the best Jacksonville roofing services.

The roof is discolored due to the following reasons:

  • Algae grow in small spots then spreads to the roof, visible as streaks or discoloration to the owner.
  • Gloeocapsa of the algae has the ability to form a dark black color with reaction with sunlight and cause discolored streaks on the roof.
  • Algae spores are airborne, and therefore the roof is discolored very easily due to algae growth.
  • Humid weather and hot climate also promote the growth of algae on the roof.
  • The draining from a gutter and overhanging trees contributes to the algae growth by providing shade and damp on the roof.
  • Improper cleaning and inadequate maintenance cause black discoloration on the roof.
  • Roof discoloration can also be caused due to rust stains of the metal roof fixtures, and rusted roof flashing causes those streaks on the roof.

The discoloration of roof or appearances of some streaks are not usual, and they are not a symptom of some serious problem. However, it is important to get rid of discoloration before the roof is damaged. For advanced roofing services, reach out to us at 904-396-5000. 

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