You’ve had bees on your property before. You have an old tree out back that might be dying. It’s hollow, and the bees love it for a hive. Ground bees are an issue from time to time as well. You have learned to leave these insects alone. As long as you do, they don’t bother you. However, they’ve moved into some dangerous territory. You have a bee colony that has set up camp in your roof. You first noticed several bees zipping in and out at the corner of your house. You got out your ladder to get a closer look, suited up in your hat, long sleeves, and pants as a precaution, and grabbed a flashlight.

There’s no doubt about it. You’ve seen the evidence of a large nest. Now, you have to decide what you can do about it.

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You Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

When it comes to leaving bees alone in your home, it’s not an option. Bees can do a lot of damage to roofs. When they find a space in your roof, it’s like they have hit the jackpot. They love a dark, deep opening where nothing can get at them. They’ll easily work their way into any hollow spaces to build their honeycombs. They’ll fill every bit of available space that is hollow, weighing it down with honey. If you have a large colony, you could have thousands of bees living in your roof. Worse yet, it can attract rodents. You don’t need any more unwanted guests in your home. Those bees need to have the heave-ho before they do too much damage to your roof and walls.

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Bring in the Professionals

If you do your research, most sources recommend that you bring in experts when you need to take care of a bee infestation in your roof. Doing it yourself puts you at risk of becoming badly stung by a large colony of bees. It can be very dangerous. One or two bees aren’t much of a problem. It’s a different story when there are thousands of them buzzing around inside your roof.

You should call a beekeeper or a pest control team as soon as possible in order to prevent considerable damage to your roof structure. They have the training and the protective clothing to eliminate bees. They may even be able to take them out alive so that the bee population can thrive someplace else. Take a look to find out who the experts are in your neighborhood. You can team up to eliminate your bee problem.

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Once the bees are gone, you should have your roof inspected and the appropriate repairs made. Quality Discount Roofing can help with that! Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate!

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