The roof  consists of shingles arranged one after the other and the gutter system is meant to carry any water to the draining pipes. Sometimes it is observed that water tends to drip down behind the gutter system and between the roof shingles. It damages the roof and causes saggy roofs. For the best results, hire professional roofing services from a reliable Jacksonville roofer.

The gutters should be checked as well, as clogged gutters may cause leakage and overflow of water. Nevertheless, if the gutters are cleaned, water should be poured into the gutter with a garden hose and observed. If the water does not run out of downspout, then the gutters are definitely clogged from inside.

The most obvious reason the water to be dripping behind the gutter system is that there is the absence of proper drip edge installed on the roof. Drip edge is an important part, which needs to be there under the first row of the shingles of the roofing system. It functions by directing the flow of water into the gutter system.

This fault can be repaired by installing gutter apron, which is hanged over the gutter angled to the house. It helps to direct the flow of water into the gutter. This helps to save the roof from damage and leakage. For roofing solutions, reach out to us at (904)396-5000.

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